Resumes don't win jobs, people do. Make a good first impression and your resume is guaranteed to be seen.

Three basic marketing principles...

1. People don’t buy products they buy solutions.

You are the solution not your resume. Focus their attention on how you can solve their problem, not on your resume.

If you can convince them that you're the solution they're looking for, they'll want to see your resume. The key is getting them into the right state of mind first, which brings me to number 2. 

2. Emotions are the major driver in decision making.

If you really want to stand out, you need to appeal to their emotional side. Do something that triggers an emotional response. Get them to like you! How do you do this? Impress them. Employers love to see someone that made an effort. It makes them feel special and it shows a level of determination worthy of their time. This is where you need to think outside of the box. There are plenty of examples of people who have been extremely creative with their approach and their resumes. Check out this collection of ideas. Being creative isn't difficult and when it comes to a competitive job market, it shouldn't just be limited to creatives. You can do it too. There are plenty of great tools out there, including videopitch

3. Headlines are bait. Make it a good one.

You have about 3 – 7 seconds to get someone’s attention. “Please find my resume attached.” is the most boring thing you can say to a recruiter or potential employer. How many times a day do you think they see this? Too many to count!

Give them something in the first few lines of your e-mail that gets them to think, “Wow! This is great!”

How do you give them something they will love?

Video is the most powerful form of expression when you’re not in the room. Using a short 60 second video to pitch yourself can be the difference between the "Thanks, but NO." pile and an interview. It’s one of the most talked about trends in recruitment and one you need to take note of.

However, not all videos are created equally. Standing in front of a camera is not for everyone and if done poorly it can be a turn off. In the event you’re not destine for Hollywood, how do you create a video that has the power to get you in the room?

Well lucky for you, we've solved that problem for you. We’ve used professional animators to create amazing videos that you can customise to pitch yourself and WOW your audience. Creating your video is as easy as filling out a form and pressing a button. Watch our demo video here.

Want to see one? You can customise one like this for yourself or choose one of our other video styles at 

Remember. Emotions are the major driver in decision making.

In the eyes of an employer you've made a huge effort, which is a big plus. You've made a fantastic video, which has definitely impressed them. Lastly, you've shown them how you can solve their problem before they've even opened your resume.

Being creative and standing out from the crowd has never been easier. For tips on how to present your video in an email, cover letter and resume, click here.

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