How to share your video with your friends without having to upload it to a hosting site.

Sharing your video with your friends is a great way to get some help with your pitch.

The hardest part of creating your video is coming up with the perfect words. Talking about yourself can be a bit confronting, but your friends talk about you all the time. So why not ask how they'd describe you? Your friends can give you some really valuable feedback.

One of the reasons why we created unlimited video packages is because it takes a bit of practice to come up with the perfect pitch.

In this quick demo video I'll show you a super easy way to share your first videopitch with your friends without the need of a hosting site like YouTube.

You can see a live version of the video player here.

If you're ready to start sharing your video with people you don't know, make sure you check out our where to host your video post. We'll run you through the pros and cons of each hosting platform and let you know what works best for job seeking.

Sharing is caring. If you know someone struggling in the job market or sitting in a job they hate, give them a hug and send them to  


Ditch the boring cover letter. Try this instead!

If you’ve ever tried to write a killer cover letter, you’ve probably found yourself staring at a blank screen for a really long time.

Here’s the problem.

In approximately 140 words (60 seconds) you need to make your cover letter so compelling that it stands out from the masses, reflects your passion and determination, articulates your relevant experience/skills, gives a taste of your fabulous personality, and connects with the reader on an emotional level.

And if that isn't hard enough, you also need to make it about them.

Huh? If you're going to do it right, your cover letter is not a one size fits all. It's actually your opportunity to address the problems that the employer is trying to solve in a way that shows both confidence and ability. It's not easy, which is why most people spend hours writing one and then just use it like a form letter. Unfortunately, this behaviour is part of the reason why it's hard to know if your cover letter will even get opened. More on this here. 

So rather than pulling your hair out trying to write the perfect cover letter, do something completely different and WOW them with your creativity.

A videopitch is a powerful way to introduce yourself with confidence and determination. Two things employers love to see in potential candidates. Adding a video to your application and as a way of introducing yourself on your resume is uncommon enough, that it can definitely get you in the room. 

Here's the best part.

We've done all the design work for you. Creating your video from one of our ready-made templates is as easy as answering some questions, uploading a photo and pressing a button. Watch a demo of one being made here.

So what are you waiting for? 

Sharing is caring. If you know someone struggling in the job market or sitting in a job they hate, give them a hug and send them to